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I can create beautiful pieces of jewellery to perfectly match your tiara or hair decoration - or to wear at anytime.

Mother of Pearl Tiara, Necklace & drop Earrings AUTUMN inspired Tiara, Necklace & Hair Slide

Elegant, understated, subtle, outrageous, sophisticated or funky

Not only will the necklace look great with your tiara but the advantage of having something made especially for you is it will sit perfectly with the neckline of your frock.

I use a variety of materials from traditional 9ct gold or silver chains to contemporary styles on "Tiger Tail" which gives a light, almost floating appearance - fantastic to complement fine fabrics in a glorious gown.



OPAL ICE Necklace


You'll obviously plan to have loads of photographs on the day. If you think about it most of those will be "head & shoulders" shots so the importance of lovely jewellery is obvious. Again it's all about getting those details just right - & in this case quite literally getting it Picture Perfect!


Necklace to match Golden Topaz Shell Tiara Detail of matching EarringEnlarged earring detail to match the Golden Topaz Shells Tiara & Necklace Golden Topaz Shell Tiara
Detail of Necklace

And not just a necklace. I can design matching earrings on either 9ct gold or solid silver & what about a bracelet?

Or even an armlet to wear high on your upper arm or forearm? Looks great with bare shouldered or strappy gowns.

In fact the right jewellery can transform a beautiful frock into something unique and truly stunning. It's a great way to really let your personality shine through.

Tip: If your gown is halter neck and you aren't covering your back with long hair or a veil how about a "necklace" with the design at the back rather than the front? I can create it to either attach to the neckline of your dress or with the clasp concealed in the design.

Of course the jewellery is one part of your wedding ensemble you most definitely will be able to enjoying wearing again.

"DAISY" Necklace

Designs based on the theme of DAISIES!

Made with clear crystal beads and insert pearl beads.

"DAISY" Tiara

I can create contemporary styles using real pearls.

As well as the beautiful traditional colour I work with natural pearls in glorious shades

Peaches, Pinks, Blues, Golds ... all sorts of unusual hues.

Or using lovely faceted stones set in modern 9ct gold "rubbed over" settings to create pretty designs. An interesting mixture of tradition & modern styling.


Detail of Drop & Swarovski crystal Necklace

Zigzag Drop Necklace

Unusual jewellery is a fantastic way to create different moods for a favourite outfit. Accessorise to create different looks for a holiday (or Honeymoon!) wardrobe - it's easier to pack & lighter than extra clothes!!

For your Bridesmaids too, fantastic items of jewellery can really create impact.

You could maybe go for a simpler version of the style created for you, in colours to match their dresses, to get a really "designed" look.

WINTER BERRIES Slide & Necklace

Or perhaps use jewellery to create the style.

Whether you are having one bridesmaid or six there are obvious advantages in choosing a simple style dress, in a fantastic colour, and then giving it the "wow" factor with the jewellery.

If you are having more than one attendant how about designs that are "variations on a theme"? Using the same colours, beads & overall elements I could create designs to suit the individuals that will all look great together in a group. This also works well if your bridesmaids are a mixture of ages, vary in proportion or colouring.

Tip: It is possible to create subtle illusions with jewellery. The same basic design can be adapted to make the shorter bridesmaid look taller or a more rounded figure appear leaner. Drop designs can cleverly give the impression of a cleavage - or enhance an existing one!

The brilliant thing about individually designed pieces of jewellery is not only do they create part of the outfit on the day but also serve the dual purpose of being the ideal "Thank you for being my Bridesmaid" gift!

"Amethyst Leaf" Necklace detail "Amethyst Leaf" Tiara

In fact individually designed jewellery makes a wonderful gift for any occasion - it's also a great way to say that very special "Thank you".

And don't think of the jewellery as just for the wedding day! I can create pieces for all sorts of looks - from simple to wildly extravagant - something to personalise a classic favourite or to look fantastic for a special night out, birthday, Christmas ...... or even a Christening!

(If anyone should just happen to want to treat you to a lovely surprise just give them the contact details & leave the rest to me. If I've already designed for you I'll know the sort of styles you like so you are bound to love the result!!)


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I am designing this website myself & it is far from complete. The quality of the photographs featured isn't perfect but I have had to compromise between the crispest quality and download times when they appear on your screen. It is also a dilemma deciding whether to picture designs being worn or on an anonymous black background

One of my aims for the future is to include a "Wedding Album" featuring brides wearing their FRANKLY UNIQUE designs and to include a little of the story behind the inspiration for those designs.

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